A damaged chimney not only takes away from the beauty of the home, but can also be dangerous.


Brick chimneys are usually the only masonry work on a home which is above the roof-line. This means that they have a much greater moisture exposure than the walls of the house, and are also prone to a freeze/thaw cycle. For these reasons chimneys are one of the first places on a home to show signs of deterioration, and once any deterioration begins it progresses quickly.

A chimney in need of repair presents an obvious safety concern as any pieces of falling pieces of brick or mortar may be hazardous to people or cars. Any pieces of masonry that fall into the chimney may cause a hazardous blockage.

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Some of the signs that your chimney/fireplace might be in need of chimney repair and rebuilding are:

  • Cracked or broken bricks anywhere on the chimney (more commonly near the top)
  • Loose or missing mortar (from between bricks) on chimney
  • Any damage to concrete cap of flue tiles (the terra cotta pipes sticking out of the top of chimney)

  • Any deterioration to the walls or floor of the fireplace
  • Finding old bits of masonry (originating from the chimney) in the fireplace
  • Rusty fireplace damper


Your home’s chimney faces a wide range of climate conditions each year. Typically the chimney receives the greatest amount of moisture exposure on a house, and, because it is free-standing above the roofline it is also prone to a frequent freeze/thaw cycle. This means that any water trapped in the bricks will expand, causing them to crack or spall (the breaking away of the brick face).

The deterioration of the chimney often takes many years to begin, but left unchecked it will tend to get worse quite quickly. For the reasons mentioned above, most of the deterioration tends to happen over the course of winter. Our qualified brick-masons are equipped with the proper tools, materials and expertise to return your chimney or fireplace back to perfect working order and appearance. Top Hat Chimney takes care to remove all debris from the job-site, ensuring that the homeowner’s property is left neat and clean.

Top Hat Chimney has been repairing and rebuilding chimneys in Toronto and the GTA since 1978, and guarantees all work against any defect in materials and workmanship.

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