Proudly providing maintenance and chimney cleaning service to Toronto and the GTA


Burning wood in the fireplace results in flammable deposits (soot and creosote) to collect inside of the chimney flue and smoke-chamber. This can lead to a dangerous chimney fire and/or unwanted deterioration to the inside of the chimney.

Regular cleaning and inspection will insure that the chimney and fireplace are in optimal condition for safe and efficient use.

Don’t discover too late that your fireplace or chimney needs cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. Our basic chimney sweep service includes the following:

Top Hat Chimney employs the most up to date Toronto chimney cleaning techniques and equipment. The technician will put down a ground sheet in front of the fireplace and use a specialized vacuum to ensure that there is no mess in the home.

As part of the regular chimney cleaning appointment the technician will do a basic visual inspection to identify possible maintenance concerns.

Top Hat Chimney also offers more detailed WETT (code-compliance) inspections for insurance and home-sale considerations.